Kheireddine Bekkai

Senior Lecturer in Arabic

  • Title Senior Lecturer in Arabic
  • Office 502 A, 718 Commonwealth Avenue
  • Phone 617-358-4652
  • Education BA in Arabic, French and German Translation and Interpretation, University of Algiers
    BA in Applied Foreign Languages (Arabic, French and German), La Sorbonne
    MA, Instruction of French as a Foreign Language, La Sorbonne

Mr. Kheireddine Bekkai holds an MA in the Instruction of French as a Foreign Language from La Sorbonne in Paris, France. He also holds two BAs, one in Applied Foreign Languages with a focus on Arabic, French and German, and the other in Translation and Interpretation in Arabic, French and German.  He also studied journalism at the French Institute of Journalism in Paris.  While living in Paris, Mr. Bekkai worked in the journalistic field, first for a North African-themed radio program on Radio France Maghreb, followed by Radio France international (RFI). He then wrote pieces for a monthly publication supporting democracy in Algeria. He also worked for the French broadcast media authority (CSA), on a project to measure the visibility of minorities in the French television.

Since his arrival in the US in 2000, Mr. Bekkai has been teaching French and Arabic, having taught courses in language, translation, literature and culture. He is particularly active with NGOs and has participated in several interfaith outreach committees. Mr. Bekkai also works with a French heritage language and culture  program, and serves as president of the New England chapter of a French expatriate organization.

Since teaching at Boston University, Mr. Bekkai has been a panelist and moderator in many panel discussions and talks hosted by local organizations regarding the issues of identity and immigration. He is also interested in media studies, journalism, and international relations, particularly as it pertains to the dialogue between Western societies and the Arab world.

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