Persian Symposium 2014


Translating and Teaching Premodern Persian Literature

The Editorial Institute, 143 Bay State Road

April 24-25, 2014


SESSION 1, Thursday

 Welcome, Opening remarks, 2-2:15


Chair: Olga Davidson

Intent and Ambiguity in Rudaki’s Poetry: The Problems of Overtranslating
Sassan Tabatabai

Enigma of the Rudaki-var Style: The Russian Solution
Firuza Abdullaeva

Neither Read nor Translated: Early Modern Persian Literature by Women
Sunil Sharma

 4:00-5:00  Q&A

SESSION 2, Friday


Chair: Kamran Rastegar

Distilled Transcendence or Mystical Mush? Translating Persian Sufi Poetry for the New Age
Frank Lewis

Rumi and “Islam”: The Perils of Academic Translations of Rumi’s Masnavi
Jawid Mojaddedi

Baroque Modern: Sa’eb and the Contemporary American Poetic Idiom
Paul Losensky

11:00-12:00  Q&A

 1:00-2:00  KEYNOTE

Veiled Voices: Who Speaks in a Translation?
Dick Davis

Perisan Lit