WLL Student Club

As a member of BUWA, you’ll be a part of the diverse community that is World Literatures & Languages. We aim to bridge the gap between students spread out across the department, as well as to facilitate the communication between undergraduates and faculty. Becoming a resource for students looking to further their academic and/or career-oriented goals is also one of our priorities. We like to think of our group as a meeting point for all students passionate about good books, foreign languages, and discovering a global community.

We are also happy to announce that we are starting a student publication related to the department. Come to our meetings every Monday at 5:30pm in the WLL Faculty Lounge (745 Commonwealth Ave, Room 611) to learn more about the project and to be a part of the editorial team.

All BU Students are welcome – having a WLL major or minor is not required.

Students interested in joining BUWA, or those with questions may reach out to the club’s 2017-2018 Executive Board:

Ata Sunucu (CAS ’19) asunucu@bu.edu
Nadine Chen (CAS ’20) nchen98@bu.edu
Victoria Cox (CAS ’19) v.cox1295@gmail.com
Darya Lugina (CAS ’19, CFA ’19) dlugina@bu.edu

Be sure to check out their blog: https://wllalexandria.wordpress.com/