WLL Reads The Brothers Karamazov

In preparation for our one-day symposium, “The Worlds of the Brothers Karamazov,” on 7 April, 2018, we’re planning to read Dostoevsky’s novel as a department.

This will be our second annual Big Fat Books symposium, and it follows on the heels of last year’s illustrious “Worlds of the Tale of Genji”.

Some of us have read it already (though a decade or two may have blurred some of the details); others routinely pretend to have read it; some got to page 214 and then stopped; and some have been waiting longingly for the summer to come so they could get started.

Everyone is welcome to this book club! (If you like detective mysteries, or psychological thrillers, or political satires, or courtroom dramas, or family sagas, or tales of romance, or novels of ideas, then this is the one for you!)


Stay tuned for more information as we develop plans for the annual symposium!