Minor in Korean (1129B)

Six courses with a grade of C or higher: With advisor’s approval, students may include up to three transfer courses from other colleges, universities, or non-BU study abroad programs. At least three courses must be taken on the Charles River Campus. Internships taken through Boston University or other study abroad programs may not be credited toward the minor offered in Korean. Prospective minors with no prior knowledge or study of Korean are advised to take LK 111 in their first semester.


  1. LK 311 and LK 312 (unless equivalent proficiency is demonstrated, in which case advisor will determine substitute courses)
  2. Two Korean literature, culture, or film courses (such as LK 250, LK383, and LK470)
  3. Two electives, chosen from additional Korean language courses numbered above LK 400 (such as LK 440, LK 441, and LK445) and/or courses on Chinese, Japanese and Comparative Literature selected from the approved list.


•        CAS XL 224 Introduction to Comparative Literature: East Asian Literature

•        CAS LC/LJ/LK 314 Classical Chinese I for Students of East Asia

•        CAS LC 250 Masterpieces of Classical Chinese Literature

•        CAS LC 251 Masterpieces of Modern Chinese Literature

•        CAS LC 284 Introduction to Chinese Women’s Writing

•        CAS LC 285 Topics in Chinese Literature

•        CAS LC 287 Screening Modern China

•        CAS LC 450 The Chinese Novel

•        CAS LC 470 Topics in Chinese Literature and Culture

•        CAS LJ 250 Masterpieces of Japanese Literature

•        CAS LJ 251 Modern Japanese Literature

•        CAS LJ 283 Modern Japanese Culture in Cinema

•        CAS LJ 451 Topics in Japanese Literature

•        CAS LJ 480 Japanese Women Writers

•        CAS LJ 481 Rise of the Modern and Encounter with the West: Japanese Literature 1864-1945

•        CAS XL 540 Practice and Theory of Literary Translation


* Other East Asian courses outside this list, such as those offered by the departments of the History of Anthropology, Art and Architecture, Music, or Religion, may be selected with advisor’s prior approval.