Minor in Chinese (1107)

Required courses: six LC courses numbered 250 and above, including LC 311 and 312 and at least one course in literature. Up to four courses taken at Boston University’s program in Shanghai may count toward the minor. Students may include up to three transfer courses from other colleges, universities, or non-Boston University study abroad programs and must take a minimum of three courses (or a minimum of two, if they have four courses approved for credit toward the minor from Boston University’s program in Shanghai) on the Charles River Campus. Internships taken through Boston University or other study abroad programs may not be credited toward minors offered by the department. A grade of C or higher is required in all courses taken toward the minor.

Major in Chinese Language and Literature (1140)

Four Language-Focus Courses

After completing or placing above the CAS LC 212 (fourth-semester) level, students must take four additional Chinese language courses. Normally these include:

• CAS LC 311 Third-Year Modern Chinese

• CAS LC 312 Third-Year Modern Chinese or LC 313 Chinese Through Theater and Acting

• CAS LC 314 Classical Chinese I for Students of East Asia, LC 315 Classical Chinese, or LC 316 Topics in Classical Chinese

• One additional course chosen from the following:

• CAS LC 316 Topics in Classical Chinese

• CAS LC 411 Fourth-Year Modern Chinese I

• CAS LC 412 Fourth-Year Modern Chinese II

• CAS LC 420 Topics in Chinese through Media

• CAS LC 486 Workshop on Translating and Interpreting Chinese

Students placing out of LC 311 and/or LC 312, in particular very advanced or native speakers, will replace these with other advanced LC Chinese courses in consultation with their advisor.

3 Literature Courses

Students must complete at least three Chinese literature courses including the foundational surveys in pre-modern and modern Chinese literature (CAS LC 250, LC 251). Course topics for additional courses might include modern Chinese fiction, Classical Chinese literature, women writers, folklore, Chinese popular literature, or comparative courses that deal with Chinese literature in the context of East Asia and the world.

2 Civilization Courses

Students need to take two additional topics courses in Chinese history and culture, chosen from the following or other courses approved by the advisor:

• HI 363 Early Chinese History

• HI 364 Modern Chinese History

•LC 260 Gateway to Asia

• LC 280 Chinese Classics in Today’s World (in English translation)

• LC 283 Chinese Civilization (in English translation)

• LC 286 Topics in Chinese Culture (in English translation)

• LC 287 Screening Modern China (in English translation)

• LC 440 Mass Media and Social Change in Modern China

Not required, but highly recommended for building a broad foundation, are additional courses in related disciplines of Chinese studies including history of art and architecture, anthropology, religion, history, and international relations.

2 Comparative Literature Courses

All majors must take two courses in comparative literature (chosen from CAS XL 222, XL 223, XL 224, XL 225) and/or linguistics (CAS LX 250). The completion of the Core Curriculum Humanities Sequence (CAS CC 101, CC 102) fulfills the XL 222 requirement, LC 316 may count as a language or literature course.

2 Elective Courses

Students will take two additional courses chosen in consultation with the advisor from LC courses at the 300 level or above or related courses in MLCL or other departments as approved by the advisor.