Degree Programs

Majoring in WLL

Majors are currently available in Chinese, Comparative Literature, German, Japanese, and Russian. Many students combine a major in one of these languages with another major in CAS or in another College. Students who study abroad can often fulfill a good part of the major requirements on the abroad program. Faculty are always happy to talk with students about the advantages of a WLL major and about how to pursue it.

Majors are also available in Asian Studies, European Studies, and Middle East and North African Studies (MENA).

There is also a joint major available in Japanese and Linguistics.

The form for declaring a major or minor in WLL is available online.

Minoring in WLL

Always our most popular option. You can minor in any of the languages below by taking just 6 courses beyond the second-year level; Comparative Literature is a 7-course minor. Click below to see specific requirements for each minor:

Keep in mind that if you study abroad, many or all of the courses you take may help to fulfill your minor. Speak to a faculty member in your language for details.

All prospective minors are encouraged to discuss their plans with faculty advisers.