First-Semester Turkish

CAS LT 111 (4 credits)

Introduction to spoken and written Turkish and fundamentals of Turkish grammar, with oral drills and written exercises.

Second-Semester Turkish

CAS LT 112 (4 credits)

Completes introduction to modern Turkish grammar, with emphasis on development of aural and written comprehension, as well as writing and speaking abilities.

Third-Semester Turkish

CAS LT 211 (4 credits)

Further, intermediate-level, development of Turkish language skills through textbooks, authentic readings including literary works, internet-based exercises, and the use of Turkish audio and visual materials.

Fourth-Semester Turkish

CAS LT 212 (4 credits)

Completes presentation of structures of Turkish, to "intermediate-high" levels of proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Istanbul at the Crossroads

CAS LT 281 (4 credits)

The image of the city of Istanbul in novels, autobiography, short story, poetry, as well as music videos and popular films. Themes include modernization, urbanization, isolation, cosmopolitanism, and the struggle between East and West. Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS. Also offered as CAS XL 470 A1.

Advanced Turkish I

CAS LT 303 (4 credits)

Advanced Turkish, concentrating on all four communicative skills, diverse registers, and idioms. Exposure to literature, media and other cultural materials.

Turkey in the Middle East: A Content-Based Language Course

CAS LT 304 (4 credits)

Students develop their linguistic skills and cultural knowledge, especially the ability to discuss topics of Turkish national and international interest, by studying the history and unique aspects of Turkish-Middle Eastern borders. Texts include Turkish media, films, songs, historical documents.

Directed Study: Turkish

CAS LT 491 (Var credits)

Application form available in department.

Directed Study: Turkish

CAS LT 492 (Var credits)

Application form available in department.