Fundamentals of Modern Hebrew 1

CAS LH 111 (4 credits)

For students with no previous knowledge of Hebrew or minimal background. Introduction to the language of contemporary Israel. Fundamentals of grammar, extensive practice in speaking, reading, and writing about topics such as getting acquainted, learning and living situations. Curriculum incorporates technology and original Israeli materials.

Fundamentals of Modern Hebrew 2

CAS LH 112 (4 credits)

Builds on vocabulary, grammar and skills acquired in LH111. Students learn to read and converse about topics related to friendship, family, hobbies and travel. Curriculum incorporates more and longer Israeli materials, and communicative and technology-based activities.

Biblical Hebrew 1

CAS LH 117 (4 credits)

Introduction to Biblical Hebrew, including balanced treatment of vocabulary, grammar, and vocalization. No prior study of Modern or Biblical Hebrew presumed. Does not count towards CAS language requirement.

Intensive First-Year Hebrew

CAS LH 139 (4 credits)

Intensive beginning Hebrew for students with some prior knowledge. Equivalent to Fundamentals of Modern Hebrew 1 & 2 (CAS LH 111 & 112).

Intermediate Modern Hebrew 1

CAS LH 211 (4 credits)

Reinforces and expands vocabulary, grammar and language structures, leading to a deeper comprehension of style and usage. Focuses on language skills (speaking and writing) and performing more complex tasks such as comparing, narrating, describing, reasoning, and discussing topics beyond the immediate environment.

Intermediate Modern Hebrew 2

CAS LH 212 (4 credits)

Expands vocabulary, grammar, language structures and communicative skills to enable students to achieve solid proficiency. Develops students' ability to respond orally and in writing to literary texts and audio- visual material such as Israeli films, television clips, and news.

Masterpieces of Modern Hebrew Literature (in English translation)

CAS LH 250 (4 credits)

Contemporary Israeli fiction as a lens onto the struggle for identity in family, nation, and religion. Topics include immigration and Zionism; the impact of the Shoah; Arab-Israeli encounters; the Sabra; and the new literature by women and Palestinian authors. Required for the minor in Hebrew. Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS.

Modern Hebew Poetry (in English translation)

CAS LH 280 (4 credits)

The dominance of poetry in modern Hebrew literature against the background of aesthetic, cultural, and political trends and within the context of influential developments in European and American poetry.

Agnon and Oz: In Search of Modernity (in English translation)

CAS LH 282 (4 credits)

The one emerging from the old world of premodern Europe, the other raised in modern Israel, S.Y. Agnon and A. Oz represent the extremes of modern Hebrew fiction. Yet both seek the meaning of being modern in a Jewish context.

Israeli Culture through Film (in English translation)

CAS LH 283 (4 credits)

Israeli society, from its origins to contemporary times, through the medium of film. Topics include immigration; Jewish religious life; war; the ongoing impact of the Holocaust on Israeli society; gender; and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Introduction to film analysis and interpretive methods. Also offered as CAS CI 270 and CAS LH 453.

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