2012 Award Winners Announced

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May 19th, 2012

The department is pleased to announce the winners of our 2012 academic achievement awards. 

College Award for Excellence, Modern Languages & Comparative Literature

Richard Russell Hayes, Jr.

Chinese Language and Literature

Jessica Cai, Barbara Argote Senior Award

Comparative Literature

Beverly Ang, Barbara Argote Junior Award

German Language and Literature

Hillary Gospodarek, Barbara Argote Junior Award

Nicholas Sawyer, Barbara Argote Senior Award

Annamaria Lukes, Waldo C. Peebles Book Award

Japanese Language and Literature

Sukhoon Chang, Barbara Argote Junior Award

Daniel Lilley, Barbara Argote Senior Award

Russian Language and Literature

Anya Siobhan Alexander, Barbara Argote Senior Award

Robert Fitzgerald Translation Prize

1st Place: Shubha Sunder

2nd Place: Hillary Gospodarek


Congratulations to all our award winners!