Past Events


Spring 2012:

  • January 24, March 21, May 3: Lunch networking meeting
  • March 22, Maria Klawe visit and talk

Fall 2011:

  • September 9, November 10, December 7: Lunch networking meeting

Spring 2011:

  • May : WISE end of the year and future planning meeting
  • May: Lunch discussion of CAREER awards writing tips lead by NSF program director.
  • May 9: Lecture by Rita Colwell , 11th Director of the National Science Foundation and recipient of the 2010 Stockholm Water Prize (University-wide event)
  • May 9: Lunches with leader: Rita Colwell
  • May 5: Book club
  • May 5: NSF Career Proposal Workshop
  • April 7: Book club
  • April 5: Lunch with leader: Ellen Daniell, author of Every other Thursday
  • March 9: WAGE project Work $mart – Negotiations Workshop with Evelyn Murphy – co-sponsored with AWIS
  • March 4: Research networking workshop
  • March 3: Book club
  • February 16: Lunch with Leaders with University Provost Jean Morrison
  • February 11: Lunch with Leaders with Karen Thole, chair of ME Dept. at Penn State.
  • February 3: Book club
  • January 19: Lunch with Susan Lindquist, past director of Whitehead Institute at MIT, 2010 recipient of the National Medal of Science

Fall 2010:

  • December 17: Lunch with Leaders with Judith Hurwitz
  • December 2: Book club
  • November 18: Mentoring Workshop with Kathy Kram (Univ.-wide event)
  • October 28: Book club
  • October 21: Lunch with leaders with Ombuds Francine Montemurro
  • September 30: Book club
  • September 20: 2010/2011 Kick off Meeting

Spring 2010:

  • July 20: Book club
  • May 4: Research networking workshop
  • April 30: Book club
  • April 9: Tea and book signing with Jill Titejen
  • March 31: Lunch with leader former Vermont Governor Madeleine Kunin, University wide lecture in afternoon
  • March 26: WIN Colloquia: Patricia Davies of Purdue University, director Herrick Lab
  • February 24: WIN Colloquia: Susie Wie director Cloud Services HP
  • February 22: WIN Colloquia: Elizabeth Simmons, Dean of Lyman Briggs College, Michigan State University

Fall 2009:

  • Lunches with leaders and university lecture by Sarah Blaffer Hrdy
  • October 28: WIN Colloquia: Jennifer Chayes (Microsoft Research)
  • September 24: Lunches with leader and WIN Colloquia: Clare Rimnac Dept chair of ME at Case Western Reserve University (also GWISE tea)
  • November 8: WIN Colloquia: Joan Powell Iowa State University

Spring 2009:

  • Communication workshop with Susan Morris
  • Lunches with leaders and university wide lecture with author Renee Bergland
  • WIN Colloquia: Beth Marcus Zeemote Inc
  • University wide symposium on Faculty mentoring and networking with Mary Deane Sorcinelli, Lotte Bailyn, Abigail Stewart, Susan Metz, Virginia Sapiro

Fall 2008:

  • University wide lecture on leadership by Linda Carli
  • Mentoring workshop with Beverly Brown

Spring 2008:

  • Workshop on Imposter Syndrome – faculty and grad sessions – with Valerie Young
  • University wide lecture by Joshua Aronson on sterotype threat

Fall 2007:

  • University wide lecture by Rosalid Chait Barnett on influences on whether girls choose technical careers
  • University wide symposium on Work/family issues
  • Workshop with Joan Brugge on time and personal management skills

Spring 2007:

  • University wide lecture by Abby Stewart
  • Negotiation skills workshop with Barbara Butterfield and Jane Tucker

Fall 2006:

  • University wide panel “Response to National Academies’ Report -Removing Barriers for Women”, Lotte Bailyn, Deborah Cotton, Even Riskin, Debra Rolison with David Campbell and Karen Antman

Spring 2006:

  • University wide Virginia Valian event
  • Lecture by Nancy Hopkins

Fall 2005:

  • Workshop on Strategic performance and Communications with Nancy Houflek and Lee Warren