WISE – faculty



Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) is a network of women faculty in science and engineering disciplines at Boston University. Our goal is to foster a supportive research environment.  Our activities provide opportunities for career development, mentoring of students, and leadership training.

On this site you can find the following:

  • WISE faculty list (currently a list of the tenure track female faculty in STEM at BU on the Charles River Campus)
  • WISE history (a quick look at the history of WISE is provided with a list of past Chairs)
  • WISE past events (a listing of past events since WISE’s inception)

Ongoing and scheduled programs

  • WISE book club:  Contact Kee Chan,  keechan@bu.edu
  • Time Out Program (pilates):  Contact Cassandra Smith, clsmith@bu.edu
  • WISE writers group: Contact Kee Chan, keechan@bu.edu

Peer mentoring

WISE faculty are encouraged to form small peer mentoring groups.  The book “Every Other Thursday by Ellen Daniell” provides guidance for working with such a group. Lunch or dinner costs associated with your meetings will be reimbursed through WISE.  Please contact Patricia Jorgensen, pajorg@bu.edu

New programs

Starting with the academic year 2011 WISE will be communally run. Anyone who would like to organize an event should contact Patricia Jorgensen, pajorg@bu.edu.

For related BU WIN program click here.

WISE External Advisory Board

Boston University

Lotte Bailyn
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Howard Georgi
Harvard University
Susan Metz
Stevens Institute of Technology
Meena Narain
Brown University
Eve Riskin
University of Washington
Debra Rolison
Naval Research Laboratory
Abigail Stewart
University of Michigan

WISE Past Internal Advisors

Cynthia Brossman, Deborah Cotton, Roscoe Giles, Bennett Goldberg, Beverly Brown, Gregory McDaniel, Carol Neidle