WIB Officers 2012-2013:

Committee meetings generally occur on the first Tuesday of each month at 12:30pm. Please confirm the date and location with us if you would like to join in!

Faculty Liason – Ed Loechler

The faculty liason is chosen by the WIB committee to represent WIB within the faculty and the department.

Co-Presidents – Sanda Zolj and Mandi Rice

The president acts as liason between WIB and other organizations/ individuals, including WISE, AWIS, the BGSA and the Chair of the department. The primary duties include establishing a yearly schedule, planning and carrying out meetings.

Vice President – Ysabel Giraldo

The vice president assists the president with all duties as needed, including, but not limited to budget, planning, carrying out meetings and social events. The vice president is to act as president, in the absence of the president due to resignation, absence, or other miscellaneous reasons.

Secretary – Sarah Pilzer

The secretary takes meeting minutes, lunch notes, attendance tallies and keeps these organized. The secretary is responsible for email updates, ie. minutes of the given meetings. The secretary may coordinate with the publicity/website chair to help give information for WIB events.

Treasurer –

The treasurer maintains the WIB budget and helps determine the next year’s budget. The treasurer keeps the finances balanced throughout the year. The treasurer is responsible for any grant money that is awarded from companies.

Seminar Coordinator –

The seminar coordinator is responsible for overseeing the organization of the seminars. They are responsible for the lunch/food at the seminar. The seminar coordinator is responsible for room reservations. The seminar coordinator should coordinate with others to see that the event is publicized both on the website and through flyers/handouts.

Website Maintenance –

This individual is responsible for updating the website with the calendar of events for WIB and general information for women in the biology department.

Publicity Chair –

This individual is responsible for advertising WIB events. This can be done using flyers, handouts or through word-of-mouth.