Philip Tate

Senior Lecturer (Retired)

A beloved part of the SED community for years, Dr. Tate’s teaching responsibilities included the foundations of education, philosophy of education, and teacher education. His writings demonstrate an interest in the sociology, politics, and philosophy of education, especially as they inform discussions about teacher education and the occupation of teaching. Dr. Tate is an active member of the American Educational Research Association. In his present research project he is studying the qualities and behaviors of award-winning teachers. Before his appointment at Boston University, Dr. Tate was a researcher at the Commonwealth Center for Education of Teachers and an instructor in the Curry School of Education, University of Virginia. He retired from SED in 2016.

Selected Professional Memberships

  • American Educational Research Association
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • John Dewey Society

Selected University Service

  • Faculty-in-Residence, Rich Hall
  • Member, University Trustee Scholarship Committee
  • Sponsor, Vita Novis Baptist Student Fellowship
  • Vice-Chair, SED Faculty Assembly
  • Member, SED Academic Instruction and Standards Committee

Selected Supervisory Activities

Supervising prepracticum students

Ph.D. University of Chicago

M.Ed. Duke University

B.A. Wake Forest University

SED ED100  Introduction to Education

SED ED500  Foundations of Educational Practices

SED CT721  Analysis and Design of Curriculum

SED CT750  Basic Principles for Curriculum and Teaching

SED CT735  Seminar on Teacher Education

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(1988). Whale or shark? A description of state policy domains for teacher education. Journal of Teacher Education, 39(6), 21-26.

Excellence in teaching: Myths and legends.

A resource allocation perspective on teacher empowerment.

State policymaking for teacher education: A sociological and political analysis.

How new ideas influence curriculum in teacher education.

A study of state-level policymaking for teacher education.

Contributions of foundational studies to an understanding of the occupation of teaching.

Policy implications of five visions of teaching.

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