Michelle Porche

Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Michelle V. Porche, Ed.D., Clinical Associate Professor in Applied Human Development, studies socio-emotional correlates of academic achievement for young children and adolescents, primarily using mixed-methods approaches. She is currently participating as a Co-Investigator in a collaborative research effort between the Boston Medical Center and Boston University, on the KIDS Face Fears $13M five-year multi-site PCORI grant which will study the effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for children diagnosed with anxiety disorder, comparing two distinct methods of delivery: face-to-face and online. In addition, she is conducting research on the impact of Doc Wayne Youth Services sports-based group therapy for addressing the behavioral health needs of children and adolescents. A new project in collaboration with Dr. Devin Attallah at WCEHD investigates school-wide trauma-informed processes for school reform efforts. In collaboration with doctoral students who completed her RS751 Program Evaluation course, she is leading a needs assessment of special education programming for middle school students. Other recent work includes the study of early and ongoing adversity on risk of high school dropout and other academic achievement outcomes, as well as physical and mental health.

As a member of various interdisciplinary teams, she has also studied the association between trauma and substance use for adolescents, related to mental health and academic outcomes. In collaboration with Boston Medical Center she and doctoral student Robert Diehl helped to develop a web-based behavioral health training site for transition aged youth with autism spectrum disorder. Additional research has focused on immigrant children and families, with specific attention to the impact of trauma for resettled refugee youth. Other published findings describe the influence of poverty on early reading difficulties and the link between gender and race discrimination on adolescent retention in the science, technology, engineering, and math fields.

Service to the university includes membership on the BU LGBTQIA+ Task Force, charged with the goal of informing strategies for improved climate and inclusion for LGBTQIA+ faculty and staff.

Ed.D. in Human Development and Psychology, Harvard University

M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology, Harvard University

B.A. in Philosophy, University of California at Los Angeles

CE741 Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Counseling

DS504 Adolescent Development

DS600 Culture, Ethnicity & Race

ED905 Writing for Publication

KHC401 The Process of Discovery

RS600 Introduction to Research

RS655 Mixed Methods

RS751 Program Evaluation

SE650 Children at Risk

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