Bruce Fraser

Professor Emeritus

Bruce Fraser is Professor of Linguistics and Education at Boston University. After graduating from MIT, he directed the Language Research Foundation for four year and then joined the School of Education faculty in 1971. His research interests lie in semantics, pragmatics, discourse analysis, and conflict resolution. Recently, his work has focused on the area of discourse markers (e.g., but, so, then, furthermore, and), connectors of discourse which typically signal a relationship between two adjacent segments. In a series of papers beginning in 1990, he has set forth a theory of discourse markers, which defines this functional class and distinguishes them from other particles and similar lexical formatives.

He is currently working on a series of paper dealing with each Contrastive Discourse Marker (e.g., but, however, on the other hand, instead, etc.) In addition, he is currently conducting research which examines the extent to which the major discourse markers in different languages are used with the same functions and in the same pragmatic domains. His research in conflict resolution includes examining pragmatic tactics used in mediation and the role of a neutral as a lie detector. Professor Fraser is involved not only in serving as a mediator for labor, community, and school disputes, but also conducts training programs in the US and overseas to assist groups to become better prepared to resolve their own disputes.

Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

B.E.E. Cornell University

SED RS600  Perspectives on Inquiry

SED RS652  Introduction to Qualitative Research

SED RS752  Seminar in Qualitative Research

SED AP751  Conflict Resolution in Education

SED LS726  Discourse Analysis

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