Alicia (left) & Lesley (right)

Alicia Carroll (’96)

Director of Science, Technology, and Engineering Education at East Boston Early Education Center

In 2018, Carroll was a collaborator on Lego’s STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics) Park toy, which allows kids to engineer their own theme park with Duplo bricks; it won a global best new educational product award. Her résumé also includes time as a new teacher developer in the Boston Public Schools and founding teacher at the Mission Hill K–8 School in Roxbury, Mass. She also runs a resource website,

Wheelock Alum, BU Connection

As a Fulbright Scholar, Carroll conducted research in Kenya and Tanzania through BU’s African Studies Center.

Professional Mission

“To allow kids to start STEAM education at the youngest ages, at the preschool level. Give kids an opportunity to muck about, explore, and test out ideas. Before you bring in the 3-D printers and the laser cutters, start with cardboard and tape. Let’s begin at the beginning, where it makes sense for young kids to be.”

The New Wheelock Will Be

“An opportunity to bring STEAM work into teacher training and professional development. This new partnership can keep teachers on the cutting edge with up-to-date technology, keeping up their certifications and taking on the professional development that helps you grow as a teacher. Time is moving, things keep developing—you can’t be stagnant in education.”

Lesley Ryan Miller (CGS’94, Wheelock’96)

Principal of Pierce School, Brookline, Mass.

In 2018, Ryan Miller was named principal of the Pierce School after a one-year interim appointment. Previous career highlights include serving as senior director of K–8 teaching and learning in the Public Schools of Brookline, Mass.; director of teacher development and advancement in the Boston Public Schools; and founding teacher at the Lee Academy Pilot School in Dorchester, Mass.

BU Alum, Wheelock Connection

Ryan Miller worked closely with the Education Mentor Corps at the Wheelock-founded Aspire Institute at the district and school levels; the corps partnered retired teachers with new educators in Greater Boston public school systems.

Motivation for Making a Difference

“It’s the fundamental right of every child to have the opportunity for high achievement, and the way we make sure that happens is for administrators to make sure that teachers are supported and qualified, and have the resources they need to do that job. I believe in shared leadership; teachers need to be involved in critical school decisions that allow their perspective to be heard and integrated.”

The New Wheelock Will Be

“The best parts of both institutions, meshed. I’ll never forget, in my first year of teaching, on the first day of school, the principal said, ‘We’re so impressed, you’re teaching on the first day!’ And I said, ‘Isn’t that what I was supposed to do?’ Because everything I did was what I learned in my BU practicum in Chelsea. And I’ve had a phenomenal experience working with Wheelock College–trained teachers; it did a fantastic job of recruiting diverse candidates into its programs. I hope this will be a true collaboration, pulling out the best practices of both institutions and making the new college even stronger.”