The wait is over and the doors are open: Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development, the newest college within the BU community, and only one named for a woman, is here.

The work that lies ahead of us as we seek to grow this new institution into a nationally renowned college of education and human development is exciting and inspiring. As dean ad interim, it will be my task for the next two years to lead and guide this work and to ensure that the community we build is representative both of our heritage, as Wheelock College and BU School of Education, and our future aspirations.

This publication is a window into who we are at the outset of this journey. In it, you’ll meet members of our community—students, faculty, and alumni—who are doing the scholarly and professional work upon which we will build our reputation. You’ll learn more about the institutions whose legacies we seek to honor, and the woman whose name we’re proud to call our own.

Our alumni are responsible for carrying our name and mission far beyond our campus. You are the practitioners in the field, the scholars at peer institutions, and the dedicated professionals who represent our college across the nation and around the globe. We will become the college we aspire to be only with your generous involvement and support.

Now, let us make this place our own together!


David J. Chard
Dean ad interim