Fall 2018 Webinars

All Wheelock students are invited to participate in webinars throughout the Fall 2018 semester. Each of the following is hosted on our Zoom platform site.

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Library Basics and Beyond

Mon, Sep 24 6-7p EST | RSVP here >>
Facilitated by Dan Benedetti, Head, Pickering Educational Resources Library
Learn the library basics – like how to find books and research articles – and the not-so-basics – like how to be mindful of search algorithms with Pickering Library Head Dan Benedetti. If you’d like to learn the best way to use the BU Library website or Google to do research, how to find great teaching materials in the library, and tips for creating bibliographies, then this workshop is for you!

N-etiquette: Etiquette in a Digital Age

Mon, Oct 1 6-7p EST | RSVP here >>
Facilitated by Stephanie Clendenin, Online and Special Cohort Student Services Manager
Calling ALL students! What’s the point of an email signature? How do I write an email to faculty or my advisor? How do I nail a discussion board post? Should I use the chat box during Live Classroom? If you’ve ever had any or all of these questions, this workshop is for you. Putting your best e-foot forward is an important skill you’ll need as a student and a professional. Join us to learn more!

Time Management

Mon, Oct 15 6-7p EST | RSVP here >>
Facilitated by Irina Nanagoulian, Academic Success Specialist
Does it seem like there is never enough time in the day? Are you scrambling to complete assignments and papers at the very last minute? Do you find yourself saying, Tomorrow will be different!, but it never is? Come join us to learn how stay on top, and leave behind falling behind!

Money, Money, Money: Financial Literacy for Graduate Students

Mon, Oct 29 6-7p EST | RSVP here >>
Facilitated by Jessica Rouser, Student Services Associate Director
Learn the ins and outs of loans and payment plans. Gain insight on how to budget and responsibly manage your college finances during your time as a grad student and after graduation.

Wellness and Self-Care: Taking care of yourself during times of ahhhhh and times of Ahhhhhhh!

NEW DATE! Thu, Nov 29 noon–1p EST | RSVP here >>
Facilitated by Irina Nanagoulian, Academic Success Specialist
Tried yoga, massages, or meditation and feel like nothing helps? Join this workshop and learn that one size does not fit all when it comes to self-care. It’s personal, it’s a process, it’s not a last-minute fix. Learn about the building blocks of self-care and create a plan that works for you.

Semester Reflections

Mon, Dec 3 6-7p EST | RSVP here >>
Facilitated by Irina Nanagoulian and Stephanie Clendenin
Take stock of your experience this semester and reflect on what worked, how you’ve grown, and what you’d do differently next time. Spring semester is right around the corner. Let’s capitalize on what you’ve and discuss strategies to keep the momentum going. Oh, and let’s celebrate your successful semester, too!!

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