Academic Integrity & Conduct

Academic integrity is the bedrock of any scholarly community, and Wheelock takes academic misconduct seriously.

Faculty should familiarize themselves with the policies, actions qualifying as academic misconduct, and potential sanctions, all found in the Boston University Academic Conduct Code. Wheelock’s statement on academic integrity (found in Appendix C) must be included in all syllabi.

The Associate Dean for Student Affairs coordinates the Wheelock academic conduct process. If you have any concerns about the integrity of work submitted in your course, contact the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. In consultation with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, some first-time instances of academic misconduct can be addressed with a grading penalty and a letter of reprimand from the Associate Dean. More serious first-time instances and all repeat instances are investigated by Wheelock’s Academic Conduct Board.

Policy Statements for Syllabi

Faculty members are required to include a statement about requesting accommodations on their syllabi.

Academic Integrity Policy

Academic integrity is the bedrock of any scholarly community. The objective of Boston University in enforcing academic rules is to promote a community atmosphere in which learning and the pursuit of knowledge can best take place.

As articulated in the Academic Conduct Code “All students at Boston University are expected to maintain high standards of academic honesty and integrity. It is the responsibility of every student to be aware of the Academic Conduct Code’s contents and to abide by its provisions” (

In general, academic misconduct is conduct by which a student misrepresents his or her academic accomplishments, or impedes other students’ opportunities of being judged fairly for their academic work. Students should pay particular attention to the rules regarding plagiarism, teamwork, submission of work to more than one course without permission, and conduct in a professional field assignment. If students have any questions about academic integrity or how it applies to the assignments in a specific course, students should consult their instructor.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Policy

Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development is committed to equal access for students with disabilities. If you have a specific disability and require accommodations in this class, please let me know early in the semester so that appropriate accommodations can be made. You must provide me with a letter of needed accommodations prepared by the Office of Disability Services. Contact information for that office is as follows: (617) 353-3658 V/TTY or All discussions and written materials will be kept confidential.

Incomplete Grades Policy

In BU Wheelock, students receiving a grade of Incomplete must complete an “Incomplete Contract.” This contract should be filled out by both the student and instructor to dictate the completion deadline and circumstances of an Incomplete grade. Both student and instructor will need to sign this form and the signed form should be returned to the Wheelock Student Records Office, Room 115, for processing. Incomplete grades should not be awarded without this contract.

Students have one year to resolve the terms of the contract or the grade will become the grade earned at the time the “I” grade was issued.

Student Absence Due to Religious Observance Policy

Massachusetts law and Boston University policy require faculty and staff to accommodate students who are absent due to religious observance and to provide them with a reasonable opportunity to make up an examination, study, or work requirement missed due to their religious observance, if such accommodation does not create an unreasonable burden. Please let the instructor know of any anticipated absences at the start of the semester.