Dr. Zook receives second Fulbright scholar award, featured in Contributions to Science journal

zookScience educator and global ecologist Douglas Zook has been awarded a three-week Fulbright special expert award to return to Jagiellonski University in Kraków, Poland. His work there in late Spring will include conducting three classes on the need for earth-centered ethics as part of an Evolution and Ecology course; giving several presentations to faculty and graduate students on fostering a more sustainable relationship with the biosphere that completely supports us; and interactive sessions on the importance of protecting trees and other plants with elementary and middle school children at a Kraków school that has adopted Dr. Zook’s Nature and Me program concepts.

Dr. Zook originally received and fulfilled a 5-month Fulbright Distinguished Scholar award in Kraków in 2010. His successful educational work there on key issues of climate change led to a later European Union invitation and visit, and now the current request from Jagiellonski University as awarded through the US State Department. As part of his ongoing Global Ecology Education Initiative, Dr. Zook will be teaching his unique Global Ecology course (Bi543) this coming semester and will continue his outreach to local city schools.

In addition, Dr. Zook’s photography, accompanied by an article authored by him, was featured in the international journal Contributions to Science. The journal highlights fourteen of his window reflection photographs from his “Earth Gazes Back” series. Each of the chosen images, many of which have been on exhibit in Boston as well as in Europe, are embedded in the title and abstract page of each of the contributed articles throughout the issue. The theme of the issue, edited by Professor Ricardo Guerrero of the University of Barcelona and the Academy of Europe Knowledge Hub, is “Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics.” zookphotog

In seeing Dr. Zook’s photography work on a recent visit to Boston, Dr. Guerrero realized that that “these highly artistic and unique images will be a wonderful addition to our journal.” The editors noted in the issue that “his photographs represent very appropriately the ever-changing reality conceptualized by one of the most fascinating fields in modern science.”

To read Dr. Zook’s complete article (p. 249-251), click here.