Clinical Professor, Amy Baltzell, Ph.D., Authors Book on “The Power of Mindfulness”


There’s no denying the term ‘mindfulness’ has experienced a sort of renaissance in recent years, and Professor Amy Baltzell, Ph.D. has been hard at work exploring the benefits of exercising this concept.

With her new book, “The Power of Mindfulness,” along with co-author Josh Summers, Dr. Baltzell aims to not only define and explain mindfulness, but also highlight the positive outcomes of further research into mindfulness training.

This resource follows a similarly themed book published in 2016, “Mindfulness and Performance: Current Perspectives in Social and Behavioral Sciences,” which was edited by Dr. Baltzell. It examined the “theoretical conceptualizations of Jon Kabat-Zinn and Ellen Langer,” both of whom are leaders in mindfulness practice and teaching.

The preface continues by explaining, “this volume illustrates how performers from a variety of disciplines – including sport, dance and music – can use mindfulness to achieve peak performance and improve personal well-being.”

Dr. Baltzell & Co-Author Josh Summers.
Dr. Baltzell & Co-Author Josh Summers during their book talk on May 2nd.

While Baltzell’s background ties closely with athletics, the reality is that this question can apply to virtually any realm and put things in perspective for those enduring performance-related distress.

Chapter 10, titled The Power of Self-Compassion, offers a helpful question that can, at least in part, be answered by mindfulness fundamentals: “What is going to get you into the mental state to be able to (eventually) be confident and to bounce back from difficulty if you are experiencing great performance distress?”

While the response may not be the same for everyone, Dr. Baltzell intends to use mindfulness in explaining these obstacles and how we can best work through them, no matter the trade.

For more information regarding Dr. Baltzell’s book, please visit its Springer publishing page here.