Clinical Associate Professor Donald A. DeRosa Joins National Science Peer Review Panel

Clinical Associate Professor Donald A. DeRosa, program director for BU Wheelock’s Science Education program and director Boston University School of Medicine CityLab & MobileLab has been named as a peer reviewer on Achieve’s Science Peer Review Panel (PRP).

A press release issued by the organization elaborated on the selection process and the role of the PRP:

Out of over 200 applicants from 39 states, DC and international locations, Dr. DeRosa demonstrated extensive knowledge of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and a critical eye for high-quality and materials designed for the NGSS. Dr. DeRosa will join the network of roughly 50 passionate educators on the Science PRP with whom he can build a powerful community and share ideas and resources.

The Science PRP was created by Achieve in fall 2016 to evaluate lesson sequences and units designed for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and share high quality examples online. One of the biggest challenges to NGSS implementation around the country is a lack of high-quality instructional materials designed for the NGSS. The Science PRP addresses the problem of the insufficient examples of science materials by evaluating free and publicly available materials with the nationally-respected EQuIP Rubric for Science, identifying high quality examples, and posting them publicly for the education community—both teachers and publishers—to see what materials faithfully designed for the NGSS actually look like.

Dr. DeRosa joins a cohort of new PRP members that include educators from school districts in Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, and New Jersey. To learn more about the Science PRP, please visit the Science Peer Review Panel website.