BU Hosts Boston Public Schools’ New Teacher Institute

On Wednesday, August 21st Boston Public Schools (BPS) hosted their day long New Teachers Institute at the Boston University College of Arts and Science on the Charles River Campus.

Dean David Chard kicked off the day’s agenda with a set of remarks welcoming the new teachers to the profession and informing them of the resources BU Wheelock can offer them, noting the work of the Aspire Institute and the Earl Center. In his remarks, Dean Chard emphasized the longstanding partnership between Boston Public Schools and BU Wheelock.

“As I prepared for these remarks this morning, I thought of the qualities of effective teachers,” said Dean Chard, encouraging the group of educators to go forth with passion and perseverance and seek to empower the communities they serve. Dean Chard concluded his remarks with a quote from BU Wheelock’s namesake, the pioneering early childhood educator Lucy Wheelock: “We do not disregard technique, nor conformity to the best established theories of practice; but we believe that the personality and spirit of the teacher are the greatest assets of the school.”

After Dean Chard’s remarks, the new teachers participated in a session called An Introduction to Culturally and Linguistically Sustaining Practices, facilitated by Ms. Danielle Alli, the Director of Culturally and Linguistically Sustainable Practices Development at Boston Public Schools.

“The session was designed to introduce the philosophy behind culturally and linguistically sustaining practices as a framework for effective instruction,” said Ms. Alli. “To better serve marginalized students, we need to question decisions being made in our classrooms and we need to make sure that students and families have space to feel that our schools belong to them. My hope is that this messaging was conveyed during this morning’s workshop.” 

Following Ms. Alli’s presentation, Carol Leon, Outreach and Community Engagement Coordinator at Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Advancement, and Anthony Marino, Director of Immigration Legal Services at the Irish International Immigrant Center, delivered a presentation titled Supporting BPS Immigrant Students & Families. The day concluded with the new teachers breaking out into Instructional Content Sessions followed by a reception.

Grace Hagerty