Minor in Mathematics Education

Do you enjoy mathematics? Are you interested in the teaching and learning of math and sharing your passion with students in the community? The minor in Mathematics Education was designed with you in mind! Our program offers courses that will introduce you to the teaching profession, improve your own problem solving abilities, and prepare you to effectively tutor students at the elementary, middle, or high school levels.

By completing the minor, you will develop an understanding of the research and policies impacting mathematics education such as testing and heterogeneous grouping. You will hone your abilities to make mathematical ideas clear and comprehensible in equitable ways. You will also learn how to use technology and manipulative materials commonly used in K-12 classrooms. The minor will teach you how to support students in real classrooms!

Our program consists of flexible and individualized course pathways for those interested in working with elementary or secondary school students, integrating the best of methods and content, making explicit connections between mathematical ideas, teaching strategies, and student work in mathematics classrooms. We provide students with a high quality of individual attention and small class sizes (~15  students per class), and offer field experiences working with K-12 students, whether by tutoring individuals or working with small groups of students. The minor in mathematics education introduces you to the context, practices, and challenges of working to help diverse populations achieve in mathematics.

For program requirements and additional details, please visit the BU Bulletin. For more information, please contact Undergraduate Student Services at 617-353-3177 or sedstdt@bu.edu. Students intending to declare a minor must declare the minor through their current BU school or college advising or records office. Students in Wheelock must do so by completing this form: Application for a Minor.