Minor in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Our minor in Autism Spectrum Disorders helps prepare students from a number of professional pathways to effectively support children affected by ASD and their families. Students who intend to pursue careers in education, law, medicine, or human and social services can benefit from the comprehensive set of knowledge and skills they can acquire via this course of study.

This minor features coursework related to four specific goals:

  • Understanding the history, etiology (causes), and characteristics of ASD,
  • Conducting educational assessments of students with ASD,
  • Developing and implementing individualized education programs for students with ASD, and
  • Collaborating with professionals and families in the development and implementation of such individualized education programs.

You can learn more about the ASD minor’s course requirements via the BU Bulletin. For more information about adding this minor to your undergraduate coursework, please contact Undergraduate Student Services at 617-353-3177 or sedstdt@bu.edu. Students intending to declare a minor must declare the minor through their current BU school or college advising or records. Students in Wheelock must do so by completing this form: Application for a Minor.