Bachelor of Science in Social Studies Education

Boston University’s Bachelor of Science degree in Social Studies Education is intended for prospective middle and high school social studies teachers and fulfills academic requirements for an initial teacher license in Massachusetts, which has reciprocity with most other states. We prepare educators, including classroom teachers and educators who work in museums, non-profit organizations, and informal educational settings, in the disciplines of history, government/civics, geography, economics, and the other social sciences.

In our program, we support future social studies teachers in developing as intellectuals and reflective practitioners who are committed to working in urban and suburban schools and with diverse student populations. Through coursework in history and social science content, classroom management, curriculum development, and teaching methods, prospective teachers are prepared to foster students’ historical thinking, citizenship skills, and content knowledge. Our program emphasizes teaching through inquiry, implementing a multicultural social studies curriculum, and working for social justice. Throughout the program, students have authentic experiences working in schools and social studies classrooms.

Qualified undergraduates in Social Studies Education may also seek dual degrees with the College of Arts & Sciences or with another program at Wheelock, such as Special Education or Bilingual Education, through the Boston University Dual Degree Program.

Our program develops content knowledge in history and the social sciences, and understanding of educational research, theory, and practice, while fostering an understanding of how adolescents learn, as well as strategies for supporting learning across abilities and contexts. Our faculty use cutting-edge teaching methods and classroom management techniques in the social studies classroom and implement inquiry-based and multicultural social studies curricula, while supporting students in becoming educational leaders who practice social responsibility and work for more caring and just societies. We encourage the pursuit of double degrees and minors in additional fields for qualified undergraduates.

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