Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

The Bachelor of Science (BS) for Elementary Education at Boston University prepares students for a teaching career based on the belief that children should be engaged in authentic, purposeful activities and joyful learning. We have a strong tradition of preparing exemplary teachers who care deeply about the education of children and are dedicated to narrowing the opportunity gap to ensure that children from all walks of life reach their true potential. As such, our comprehensive curriculum uses a solid foundation of liberal arts courses to support professional education courses and meet licensure requirements.

Our faculty members possess not only demonstrated knowledge of their content, integral to the elementary curriculum, but also a passion for the ideas embodied in their discipline. We teach students to bring a high level of pedagogical knowledge to their teaching, translating theory and research into effective practice, and we place significant emphasis on the practice of critical reflection to enhance teaching practices. With our guidance and supervision, students have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge from the coursework to authentic field experiences in a variety of classrooms over the course of the program.

We encourage students to take advantage of the resources at Boston University and pursue a dual licensure in Special Education or English as a Second Language.

Our program is led by a strong faculty with a passion for Elementary Education, who use use a multidisciplinary approach to create a curriculum that uses an essential liberal arts foundation to support the theory and practice of Elementary Education. Our program exposes students to authentic field experiences every year and is dedicated to the role of education in addressing social inequity.

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