Instructional Materials Center (IMC)

Open to the Wheelock College of Education & Human Development faculty, staff, students, and alumni, the Instructional Materials Center (IMC) is dedicated to supporting teaching and learning with technology. The IMC works to inform and expand education and training by applying technology to personal productivity, instructional support, communication, and research. Housing computer labs, classrooms, and other specialized work areas, the IMC is the main computing facility and media center for the Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. The IMC makes available a variety of computing, multimedia, audiovisual, and human resources for creating, presenting, and evaluating instructional resources.

Gaylen Kelley Distance Education Laboratory

The Gaylen Kelley Distance Education Laboratory at the Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development enables teachers and students to communicate over distance—across the city or across the globe. The Kelley Lab is a great location for doctoral hearings, meetings that include video conferencing, and small seminars. Equipped with computer projection, wireless and wired Internet connections, and a white board, the Gaylen Kelley Distance Education Laboratory is an excellent location for both in-person and distance conferencing for students, faculty, and alumni of the Wheelock College of Education & Human Development.

The Kevin Ryan Library for Ethics & Education

The Ryan Library serves as a place of inquiry, study, and dialogue among teachers, parents, and scholars. The library houses a reserve collection of scholarship, research, and curricular resources in ethics and character education.

The Pickering Educational Resources Library

The Pickering Library is the BU branch library dedicated to providing access to scholarship within the field of education. It offers digital access to current research literature, including databases with full text articles, eJournals, eBooks, Wheelock dissertations and other material. Pickering also houses print collections that include research monographs, elementary and secondary school textbooks, a large collection of children’s and young adult literature, standardized tests, curriculum materials, and faculty publications. Key services include class instruction and training on library databases, research counseling, reserve readings, and inter-library borrowing. Some spaces in the library can be reserved, including rooms for quiet or group study, and a classroom/computer lab with an overhead projector. The library has BU’s wireless network available and 10 computers with up-to-date software that are connected to the MyPrint system. Pickering is part of the University’s extensive library system that includes Mugar Memorial Library and other branches, and by extension the Boston Library Consortium.

The Early Childhood Learning Laboratory

The Early Childhood Learning Laboratory (ECLL) is a preschool affiliated with and located at the Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. It is a laboratory and demonstration school available to Boston University students, parents of children in the program, and other early childhood professionals for observing children and teachers. Children whose families live in the local neighborhood primarily attend this open-enrollment school. There are 22 children, ages 2.9 through 5, in a mixed-age group with two licensed early childhood teachers. The preschool program employs an innovative, inquiry-based approach to curriculum design. Teachers determine a topic of study that relates to the children’s interests. The concepts or big ideas of this topic are decided upon, and activities are designed to teach those concepts. Teachers continually monitor the children’s engagement in the activities, documenting their comments, questions, and interactions in order to make ongoing adjustments to the plan and the environment.

All students in the early childhood program, both undergraduate and graduate, complete one semester of fieldwork in the ECLL. Our students work closely with the teachers, meeting and planning with them, and implementing their plans with their guidance and support. The ECLL classrooms are equipped with video recording equipment, which enables the staff to regularly record each student’s work in the classroom. Each student has the opportunity to view the videotape to reflect on their teaching performance. In addition, each student meets with the faculty supervisor to review the videotape and discuss the student’s growth in their teaching skills. Our students also observe lead teachers and children from the adjacent observation room, where they can listen through headphones and view the classroom through the one-way viewing windows.