16-Credit Certificate in Program Planning, Management, Monitoring & Evaluation

The Program Planning, Management, Monitoring & Evaluation (P-PMME) graduate certificate program prepares individuals to engage in interrelated skills and competencies that anchor the design, delivery, oversight, and evaluation of a wide array of educational programs. Settings can be very diverse, including but not limited to:

  • Public and private elementary and secondary education
  • Higher education
  • Non-formal education in community agencies
  • Informal education in museums, parks, camps, and other recreational settings
  • Training in business and industry
  • Distance learning
  • Educational and entertainment media and technology
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Public health agencies
  • Community mental health agencies
  • Health and fitness centers
  • The criminal justice system

The certificate equips individuals with conceptual frameworks, technical skills, and supervised, project-based learning. Students are expected to come to the certificate program with one or more candidates for program evaluation in mind. Class members will consider objectives of their programs, the stake holders in each context, the management and leadership skills needed to optimize program delivery, and the kinds of information and evidence that can be marshalled to monitor program delivery.

In addition, students will address conceptual models and research designs for determining program effectiveness, and systems of data collection and analysis that can be applied to gather information and inform decision making on a regular basis. Case studies and project-based learning will be employed in each course. Students will develop project plans, management designs, instruments of data collection, and evaluation proposals, as appropriate. These will be critiqued in course seminars.

Faculty Contact Information: Professor Michelle Porche, mporche@bu.edu, 617-358-6051
Graduate Admissions Contact Information: sedgrad@bu.edu, 617-353-4237

For program requirements and additional details, please visit the BU Bulletin.