Master of Arts in Teaching in Social Studies Education

Boston University’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program in Social Studies Education is intended for prospective teachers and fulfills academic requirements for an initial teacher license in Massachusetts, which has reciprocity with most other states. Through our program, students are prepared as future social studies teachers, developing as intellectuals and reflective practitioners who are committed to working in urban and suburban schools and with diverse student populations. Students take courses in Boston University’s Wheelock College of Education & Human Development and College of Arts & Sciences.

Through coursework in history and social science content, classroom management, curriculum development, and teaching methods, prospective teachers are prepared to foster their own students’ historical thinking, citizenship skills, and content knowledge. Our program emphasizes teaching through inquiry, implementing a multicultural social studies curriculum, and working for social justice. Throughout the program, students have the opportunity for authentic experiences working in schools and social studies classrooms.

Students who majored in History, Political Science/Government or American Studies automatically meet prerequisite requirements. Students with undergraduate majors in other areas, including but not limited to International Relations, Economics, Anthropology, Geography, Sociology, Art History and Women’s Studies, are encouraged to request a transcript review to see if their coursework meets prerequisite requirements.

Our program:

  • Develops student content knowledge in history and the social sciences, and student understanding of educational research, theory, and practice.
  • Fosters an understanding of how adolescents learn, as well as strategies for supporting learning across abilities and contexts.
  • Employs cutting-edge teaching methods and classroom management techniques in the social studies classroom and implements inquiry-based and multicultural social studies curricula.
  • Supports students in becoming educational leaders who practice social responsibility and work for more caring and just societies.

For program requirements and additional details, please visit the BU Bulletin.

Faculty Contact Information: Dr. Stephen Ellenwood,, 617-353-3238
Graduate Admissions:, 617-353-4237

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