Master of Education in Reading Education

Reading and writing are at the foundation of learning.

Become a master teacher of reading and writing and help build that foundation with students.

In the Reading Education Program, you will encounter an intense learning experience and gain a deep and thorough understanding of the theory and research that is fundamental to sound and successful teaching of reading and writing. You will learn these fundamentals in classes with nationally-recognized faculty and highly-motivated and accomplished peers, and you will have opportunities to immediately and consistently apply what you learn throughout the program. Starting in the first semester you will be paired with a student for supervised tutoring in our university clinic; in the second semester, you will teach reading and writing to children or adolescents within their classroom and school settings. The school settings in which you work will be high-need, urban schools, where you will learn to situate literacy instruction within contexts that are socially important and that support children’s and adolescents’ understanding of how to use literacy as a means to build knowledge and achieve a more socially just and equitable world.

You will leave Boston University with broad and comprehensive theoretical and research knowledge and important practical insights about what works for children and adolescents with all types of learning needs in all types of schools. You will also leave armed with knowledge about how to work with teachers so that, like you, they too may advance toward high levels of literacy teaching expertise.

As a full-time student, you will complete the program in two semesters. As a part-time student, you may progress at your own pace, taking one or more courses each semester.

Those who successfully complete our program are able to:

  • Select, implement, and utilize trustworthy classroom and clinical assessments to inform instruction.
  • Identify and teach with high-quality children’s and young adult literature.
  • Leverage classroom talk to advance students’ reading and writing development.
  • Position reading and writing as socially-important, meaningful events.
  • Identify and implement evidence-based strategies for teaching reading and writing.
  • Identify and implement strategies that prepare students to read and write successfully across the disciplines (e.g., English language arts, history, science, mathematics).
  • Collaborate with and coach colleagues toward expert teaching of reading and writing.
  • Participate in high-quality coaching to observe and analyze their own teaching and its effect on children’s learning.
  • Use action research to monitor and adjust their own teaching practices.

Note: To be eligible for admission to this program, applicants must hold a teaching license. After program completion, to be eligible to apply to the Massachusetts Department of Education for licensure as a Specialist Teacher of Reading, individuals who have not yet completed at least one year of classroom teaching experience must do so. (Massachusetts DESE Licensure is reciprocal with many other states).

Faculty Contact Information: Dr. Evelyn Ford-Connors,, 617-358-0910

Graduate Admissions:, 617-353-4237

For program requirements and additional information, please visit the BU Bulletin.

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