Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Mathematics Education

Already have a master’s degree but wish to significantly expand your knowledge of mathematics education? The Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) for Mathematics Education is perfect for experienced math teachers who already hold a math teaching license and a master’s degree but want to dig deeper into current issues in mathematics education. Our program is flexibly tailored to meet your needs, interests, and background. You can also use our program to satisfy professional licensure requirements.

We provide you with a selection of course offerings in mathematics education that are based on current research and “best practices” pedagogies. This program offers courses that assist teachers in becoming leaders, conducting research in classrooms, designing professional development with other math teachers, and developing curriculum. You may also choose to take more mathematics in order to deepen and extend your content knowledge. Many middle and high school teachers choose to participate in a summer immersion experience of mathematical exploration and discovery with other teachers as part of the PROMYS for Teachers program.

Our program:

  • Provides current research on effective instructional strategies and students’ mathematical thinking.
  • Focuses on making connections between mathematical content and pedagogy.
  • Prepares students for a variety of leadership roles such as department chair, curriculum specialist, or professional development provider.
  • Can satisfy professional licensure requirements.

Faculty Contact Information: Dr. Aaron Brakoniecki, brak@bu.edu, 617-353-4226
Graduate Admissions: sedgrad@bu.edu, 617-353-4237

For program requirements and additional details, please visit the BU Bulletin.

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