In the News

This section contains links to articles, online and in PDF, that capture some of our most outstanding alumni, student, and faculty stories from the past few years. For more stories like these, visit the Wheelock News feed and our alumni magazine.


“The Good Life: Six alums making a world of difference,” by Bari Walsh, Bostonia (Summer 2008): Two Wheelock alums are working in South Asia to provide education for poor children.

“Sixties Spirit Alive at a Maine Camp,” by Vicki Waltz, Bostonia, Summer 2009: Ron Furst (SMG’69, Wheelock’75) created a summer camp where kids learn tolerance and self-confidence.

“Book Review: Devoted: The Story of a Father’s Love for His Son by Dick Hoyt with Don Yaeger,” by Caleb Daniloff, Bostonia, Fall 2010.

“Still Kicking,” by Caleb Daniloff, Bostonia, Winter 2010: BTUFF takes its pulse after another Boston football program calls it quits.

“Alumni Notes, Fall 2011: Ellie Anbinder (Wheelock’62),” by Cynthia K. Buccini, Bostonia, Fall 2011: Founder and executive director of Art beCAUSE Breast Cancer Foundation, which funds research into the environmental causes of breast cancer.

“Obituary: Joseph Borozne (Wheelock’52,’53,’57), a Wheelock College of Education & Human Development professor emeritus,” by Cynthia K. Buccini, Bostonia, Fall 2011.

“Alums Named to Power 100 List: Bonnie Hammer (COM’71, Wheelock’75)” & “Alumni Notes: Lorrie Fink (COM’73, Wheelock’73),” Bostonia, Summer 2013.

“In the Running: 1897 to 2014,” by Patrick L. Kennedy (COM’04), Bostonia, April 18, 2014: BU grads who made Boston Marathon history.

“Life-saving Mission,” by Julie Butters, @SED Magazine, Fall/Winter 2014: In the wake of his daughter’s murder, Malcolm Astley (Wheelock’82) champions education that he hopes will save the children of other parents.

“Alumni Weekend: Friends and Memories Bring 5,000 Back to Campus,” by Cynthia K. Buccini, Bostonia, Winter-Spring 2014: ft. Martha Spellman (CGS’71, Wheelock’73) and Fran Lockett-Hofstetter (CGS’71, Wheelock’73).

“Keeping America’s Oldest Weather Station Humming,” by Joel Brown, Bostonia, December 2, 2015: Brian Fitzgerald (Wheelock’15) and the Blue Hill Observatory and Science Center.

“Honoring a Lost Daughter’s Love of Indonesia,” by Caitlin Cushman, Bostonia, Fall 2015: Family’s scholarship supports aspiring teachers at Wheelock.

“Alumni Weekend: Stars, Sports, and Service,” by Julie Butters, Bostonia, Fall 2015: ft. Arnold Baker (Wheelock’72), Gary Capehart (Wheelock’71), and Indya Oliver (Wheelock’15).

“Alums in the Spotlight,” by Amy Laskowski, Bostonia, November 10, 2015: A-list actors portray Boston Globe reporters investigating Church scandal, ft. Pulitzer Prize–winning reporter Sacha Pfeiffer (MET’94, Wheelock’12).

“Gotta Dance,” by Ryan Jonea, Bostonia, Summer 2015: How Vera Rowe (Wheelock’04) went from high school teacher to Latin dance champion.

“Moving to Improve,” by Andrew Thurston, @SED Magazine, Summer 2015: Physical activity helps kids learn, but they aren’t getting enough of it. Wheelock is training a new generation of teachers to change that. Ft. Jake Dore (CGS’11, Wheelock’13), Clara Van Allen (Wheelock’11), and Sarah Benes (Wheelock’06,’10, SPH’16).

“BU Alum Named Most Powerful Woman in Hollywood,” by Amy Laskowski, Bostonia, Winter 2015: ft. Bonnie Hammer (CGS’69, COM’71, Wheelock’75).

“Pumpkins, from Soup to Nuts,” by Alan Wong, Bostonia: Three fall dishes from Gordon Hamersley (CGS’71, Wheelock’74).

Faculty, Staff, and Students

“When I Grow Up…” by Andrew Thurston, @SED Magazine, Spring/Summer 2012: Associate Professor Kimberly Howard explores the disadvantages and benefits of introducing career counseling as early as elementary school.

“Attending BU While Still in Grade School: Wheelock clinic a lifeline for children with reading problems,” by Richard Barlow, Bostonia, March 2013: An overview of the Donald D. Durrell Reading and Writing Clinic, a clinic that helps Boston-area school children who struggle in reading for a range of reasons.

Wheelock’s Jenkins Honored with Metcalf Award: A lifetime spent educating tomorrow’s teachers,” by John O’Rourke,, May 2013: A feature piece on associate professor Carol Brennan Jenkins, who is one of this year’s recipients of the Boston University’s Metcalf Award for Excellence in Teaching, the university’s highest teaching honor.

“Closing the Gap: Poverty, disability, lack of opportunity,” by: Julie Butters, @SED Magazine, Summer 2013: A feature piece on two Wheelock programs, MobileLab and the Noyce Scholars Program in Mathematics, and their mission to engage underprivileged students, tap into their potential, and help close the achievement gap.

“Beating the Blues: Stressed, isolated, and exhausted,” by Andrew Thurston, @SED Magazine, Summer 2013: An exploration of Nathan Jones’ work, an assistant professor at Wheelock, in the development of guidance and mandates, particularly in special education.

“Mayor Names Wheelock Dean to Boston School Committee,” by Susan Seligson, Bostonia, July 2013: Follows Wheelock Dean Hardin Coleman’s role in revamping school choice in Boston.

“Meet the Valedictorians: College-bound BU Upward Bound graduates triumph,” by Susan Seligson, Bostonia, August 2013: Students and alumni of Boston University’s Upward Bound program, a college preparatory program that was launched in 1965, discuss the effects the program has had on their lives.

“BU-Trotter Partnership Shines in Dorchester: Wheelock students gain urban ed experience, children grow with individual tutoring,” by Leslie Friday, Bostonia, March 2014: A feature piece on the partnership between Wheelock and the William Monroe Trotter Innovation School of Dorchester, a program that was developed in 2006.

“Is the New SAT Really Improved?: BU education professors weigh in,” by Rich Barlow, Bostonia, April 2014: Wheelock professors Christina Dobbs and Joel Scott share their professional assessments of the newest revision of the SAT.

“Basking in Olympic Gold: Four terriers help Team Canada to women’s ice hockey top medal,” by Nate Weitzer, Bostonia, Summer 2014: Marie-Philip Poulin, a student of Wheelock, performed an invaluable role in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games during the US-Canada women’s ice hockey gold medal game.

“How Religion Affects Children’s Judgment of What is Real and What is Pretend,” by Kathleen Corriveau, Paul L. Harris, and Eva E. Chen, Huffington Post: The Blog, August 2014: Wheelock’s Kathleen Corriveau and her two colleagues share the results of their study that examined children’s ability to look beyond first-hand experience in order to learn about the world.

Wheelock to Join, House New College Readiness Institute: Improving secondary education, students’ career readiness,” by Susan Seligson, Bostonia, October 2014: Dr. Scott Solberg discusses a new partnership between Wheelock and the University of Wisconsin to undertake innovative and unprecedented research on better preparation for college and career success.

“Crisis of Confidence: Re-imagining Competitive Swagger,” by Adam Naylor, Psychology Today, January 2015: Dr. Naylor reflects on the importance of a multicultural approach to athletes and athletics as an environment that is reflective, unbiased, and welcoming.

“Schools Discuss students’ social, emotional health,” by Caitlin Flaherty, Wicked Local, March 2015: An initiative in Norwell, MA, headed by Wheelock’s Jennifer Green, is conducting research to develop a system of support that addresses the social and emotional side of a child as well as the academic side.

“Understanding the Link Between Bullying and Suicide,” by Melissa Holt, The Conversation, May 2015: Wheelock’s professor Holt offers a detailed summary of the research examining the relationship between bullying and suicide and provides recommendations for areas of further research.

“To Bus or Not: Boston’s school-choice program,” by Amy Sutherland, Bostonia: Dean Coleman of Wheelock serves as a representative for the Boston School Committee in discussing the committee’s role as a taskforce seeking answers and solutions to Boston’s School-Choice Program.