About Us

On June 1, 2018, Wheelock College formally merged with Boston University. A significant aspect of this merger was the creation of Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development, a new college at Boston University that combines many of the resources and programs of the former Wheelock College and Boston University School of Education.

As BU Wheelock, we will seek to establish ourselves as a leading school of education among our peers. We will do this by supporting academic excellence and success among our students; by building a faculty body whose research, teaching, and clinical expertise is unparalleled; and by forming meaningful partnerships with communities and organizations who share in our desire to best serve learners of all ages and backgrounds.

Throughout this process, and across all of our efforts, we will draw upon the historical legacy of Wheelock College founder Lucy Wheelock and the ascendant reputation of BU School of Education. We are indebted to the alumni, faculty, students, and partners who make up our greater learning community; their insight and experience will serve a foundational role as we identify and demonstrate the values that will guide our work in the coming years.

As this work takes shape, we will communicate our progress through all available channels. We’ll use this website to document the ongoing development of academic programs, clinical and community partnerships, and advanced educational research. We’ll also use it to showcase the individuals who are driving this work forward, and to introduce new opportunities for aspiring and current educational professionals to join in what we do.