Getting to the Conference

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What is the “T”?

Location of the BU Central T stop
We are located very close to the Boston University Central (or BU Central) stop on the “T,” an abbreviation for MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority). BU Central is on the B line of the Green Line. Trains are frequent. Fares are paid with a “Charlie Card” that can be purchased in subway stations, although not at above ground stops such as BU Central.

For more information about the fares and passes, please check the MBTA’s website here.

Arriving by air

Using public transportation to get from Logan Airport to the George Sherman Union
A taxi from Logan Airport might run $23-35 plus tip depending on time of day. It is also possible to take the T to the conference location or a local hotel for free. Simply get on the Silverline Bus at any Logan Airport terminal. These stops are very clearly marked. When boarding at Logan there is no charge. You simply get on the bus, which will take you to South Station, a stop on the T’s Red Line. From there you can head inbound to Park Street Station and transfer to a B line Green Line train labeled “Boston College.” (Boston College is an entirely separate institution from Boston University, but we share a subway line.) Your entire trip from the airport will be free.

Arriving by train

Using public transportation to get from South Station to the George Sherman Union
If you are arriving by train and can get off at Back Bay Station instead of South Station, do that. It is then a very short taxi ride to BU, or you can go to the nearby Copley T (subway) station and ride on the B line of the Green Line outbound to BU Central, where the conference takes place. While you are in Copley Station you have a good opportunity to buy a Charlie Card.

If you get off at South Station, it is still not a very long taxi ride. You are also right in the same building as the T station, and you can ride inbound to Park Street Station on the Red Line, then switch to the B line of the Green line and ride outbound to BU Central. While you are in the T station at South Station you have a good opportunity to buy a Charlie Card.


Available lots and streets for parking on campus
Parking is extremely difficult close to the conference site. We strongly recommend that those who can do so walk, take a taxi, or rely on our safe and reliable public transportation to get to and from the conference site.

For those who wish to attempt the rigors of parking near the conference site there are two Boston University garages with a small number of spaces for $12 per day. These are the Kenmore Lot (549 Commonwealth Ave.) and the Granby Lot (665 Commonwealth Ave.). Both lots are available that week for parking except that on Friday, March 28, the Kenmore Lot is hosting another event and will be unavailable. There are also metered spaces around the University. We might recommend the spaces on Bay State Road, which runs parallel to Commonwealth Avenue. However, you cannot be parked here longer than 4 hours. Even moving your car elsewhere on the same block will leave you vulnerable to ticketing. If you do wish to try for on-street parking, be sure to bring plenty of quarters and prepare to run out periodically (every 3 or 4 hours, depending on the area), to feed the meter.