Minor Requirements


  1. Core Courses:  WS 101 and WS 102 and one upper-level (300 or higher) WS Core Course, some of which include:
    • WS 325 Bombs and Bombshells: Gender, Armed Conflict, and Political Violence
    • WS 328 Madonnas, Martyrs, and MILFs: Gender and Motherhood
    • WS 329 Queer Film Theory
    • WS 340 Women, Race, and Gender in Mass Media
    • WS 347 Feminist Inquiry
    • WS 352 American Masculinities
  2. Three additional Elective Courses, two of which must be upper-level, some of which include:
    • WS 241 Sex & Social Life (also offered as CAS SO 240)
    • WS 263 Behavioral Biology of Women (also offered as CAS AN 263)
    • WS 326 Arts of Gender (also offered as CAS EN 326)
    • WS 335 Sociology of Race, Class, and Gender (also offered as CAS AA 335, CAS SO 335)
    • WS 375 Growing up in Korea (also offered as CAS LK 375)
    • WS 396 Philosophy of Gender and Sexuality (also offered as CAS PH 396, CAS PO 396)
    • WS 430 Global Maternal and Child Health (also offered as SAR HS 430)
    • WS 454 Religion and Sexuality in the US (also offered as CAS RN 454)
    • WS 516 Gender and Politics (also offered as CAS PO 516)

Declaration of the Minor

To be listed as current Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies minor, students need to complete a minor declaration form for the College of Arts and Sciences or, in the College of Communication, designate WGS as your CAS concentration. Minors should also send their name, email, and local address to wgs@bu.edu for inclusion on the Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies listserv. The directors of undergraduate studies, Barbara Gottfried gotfried@bu.edu and Diane Balser dbalser@bu.edu are available to meet with minors and guide their academic programs.