Jamie Sabino

Jamie Ann Sabino, a graduate of Wellesley College and of Northeastern University School of Law, has been teaching at Boston University since 1988. Ms. Sabino sits on the boards of the Women’s Bar Association and the Women’s Bar Foundation of Massachusetts and has been an active member of their pro bono committee, assisting in organizing panels providing legal assistance to battered women, elderly women and men, survivors of sexual assault, homeless women, and incarcerated women and teenagers seeking judicial authorization for abortion. Ms. Sabino is president of the CPPAX Education Fund.

Ms. Sabino is the co-author of “A Minor’s Right to Abortion: The Unconstitutionality of Parental Participation in Bypass Hearings,” New England Law Review, 25:4, April/May 1991; and “Tell it to the Judge: PPLM v. Harshbarger,” Women’s Bar Association Law Journal, vol. 1.

Since 1978, Ms. Sabino has practiced family and appellate law with her husband in the Cambridge firm of Klibaner and Sabino. She is currently on leave of absence from the firm, having taken a position with the Trial Court of Massachusetts to conduct a needs assessment of the trial courts in the area of delivery of services to victims of domestic violence.