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News from June 2014

Going Outdoors this Summer? You should know about Lyme Disease which is prevalent in New England and along the East Coast. Read more in this article reprinted with permission from the NIH News in Health monthly newsletter.

News from May 2014

There has been a recent epidemic of opiate and heroin overdoses within Massachusetts. How does this affect our community and what is Boston University doing to help those in need? Read more

News from April 2014

BU Farmer’s Choice Boxes – Pre-order boxes of seasonal fruits and vegetables from a local farm and pick up your freshly harvested produce right on campus each week!

“April is the cruelest month” wrote T.S. Eliot about his depression. Did you know that suicides are more common in spring and early summer? Read an essay by Bonnie Teitleman, Director of the Boston University Faculty Staff Assistance Office.