Mindfulness and Resilience


Life is full of challenges.   While we often have no choice over which challenges we encounter, we do have some control over how we respond. This presentation will focus on cultivating psychological resilience – the ability to cope effectively with crises and bounce back quickly from setbacks.   Many factors contribute to resilience, some of which can be learned and developed.  Psychologists have developed resilience training programs for soldiers and police officers who face very high levels of work stress.  Mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga are a central component of these programs.  They enhance our ability to observe rather than react to upsetting events and negative feelings, allowing us to respond with greater wisdom and effectiveness.

In this interactive workshop participants will:

  • Explore the concepts of resilience and of mindfulness and the ways in which mindfulness boosts resilience
  • Sample mindfulness practices including mindful eating, meditation, and mindful movement
  • Identify free resources available for use in cultivating mindfulness and resilience

Mindfulness and Mindsets

Research has shown that altering our mindsets – our thoughts, beliefs and expectations – can positively affect our health, performance and well-being.  Since they operate largely outside of our conscious awareness, changing them requires bringing greater consciousness to the presence of limiting mindsets and actively disrupting them. This workshop will introduce the science of mindsets and the pioneering work of Harvard psychology professor, Ellen Langer, in using mindfulness to alter mindsets.  It will also explore the benefit of cultivating greater ongoing awareness of mindsets using mindfulness practices derived from eastern spiritual traditions.

Mindful Practice

This 4 week workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to establish a regular mindfulness practice.  It will consist of an introduction to the basic principles of mindfulness and to the practices of body scan, sitting meditation, walking meditation and mindful movement.   It will also cover methods to enhance awareness in everyday life.  Participants are asked to attend all four sessions and to commit to daily home practice of 30 minutes per day

Mindful Holidays

The holiday season is stressful for many of us. The increased demands and pressures often interfere with our experiencing a deeper sense of the meaning associated with the season and our particular observances.  Mindfulness practices can help us pause and reconnect with what we value most in the holiday season.   This workshop will provide an hour for reflecting on what is important to us and for utilizing practices such as meditation and chair yoga to cope with holiday stress.

About the Presenter

Karen Brouhard is a licensed, independent clinical social worker who has worked as a counselor in BU’s Faculty & Staff Assistance Office for 5 years.  She has received specialized training in adapting mindfulness based stress reduction to the workplace and has offered workshops on mindfulness and resilience at BU for several years.

Charles River Campus

Mindfulness and Resilience
When Wednesday, September 27, 12-1 p.m.
Where Room 221; Fitness and Recreation Center;
915 Commonwealth Avenue
Mindfulness and Mindsets
When Wednesday, November 29, 12-1 p.m.
Where Robinson Room at Marsh Chapel,
735 Commonwealth Avenue

Medical Campus

4-Week Mindful Practice
(Attendance required at all four sessions)
When Thursday, October 12, 19, 26 and
November 2
Where Ombuds Office
Suite 818, 85 East Newton Street
Sign-up and
Wait List
Mindful Holidays
When Wednesday, December 20, 12-1 p.m.
Where Medical School Instructional Building;
Room L209; 72 East Concord St

Space is limited – registration is required.