Five Exercises You Can Do in Front of Your Computer

For those of you working from home and practicing social distancing, you might find your daily physical activity on the decline.  Try these simple exercises that can be done easily to help increase circulation and decrease the muscle tension that often accompanies prolonged sitting. They may help you feel better and keep your productivity going!

Chin Nods

Sit up tall. Take a tiny nod of the chin. Instead of bringing your chin to your chest, send the back of your head up, lengthening the spine, and releasing tension in the muscles at the base of your skull. Repeat 5x.

Shoulder Circles

Maintaining good posture, circle your shoulders. Bring them forward, then up, back, and down. Circle 3x, then reverse direction.

Pelvic Tilts

Sitting tall with your feet firmly planted on the ground, slightly arch your back, lifting your chest up and sending your hips back. Then pull in your belly and tuck your hips under you, rounding your lower back. Gently rock back and forth between these two positions. Repeat 5x.

Seated Marches

Stand up tall. Gently lift one knee towards the ceiling and then lower foot back to ground. Repeat on the other side. Keep your hips and pelvis still and find the motion in the crease of the hip. Actively draw your belly in. Repeat 5x on each side, alternating each time.

Ankle Pumps

While sitting, extend your legs slightly from underneath you, keeping your heels in contact with the floor. Pull your toes towards your nose to flex the feet and ankles. Then point the toes away from you and lift the heels slightly. Alternate between pointing and flexing. Do 10x.


Stand up and do heel lifts while you are on the phone.  Every little bit counts!  For more inspiration, check out FitRec’s Tips and Workouts: How to Keep Moving Wherever You Are.


From BU Employee Wellness news 4/17/2020