Interpersonal Violence and Sexual Harassment

Domestic and dating violence, stalking, sexual assault, and sexual harassment are pervasive problems in our society.  Boston University provides assistance and resources to faculty and staff who are affected either directly or indirectly by interpersonal violence.

For concerns about immediate safety or to report a crime:


BU Faculty and Staff Assistance Officeconfidential counseling, advocacy, safety planning and referrals provided by licensed mental health professionals. Services include confidential consultation to supervisors and Human Resources on responding to employees who are victims or perpetrators of interpersonal violence.  (617)353-5381 (Charles River Campus), (617) 638-5381 (Medical Campus)

BU Equal Opportunity Office – receives and investigates complaints of unlawful discrimination and harassment that are made against Boston University staff or faculty members. (617)  353-9286

BU Office of the Ombuds a safe place for confidential, off-the-record conversations.
Staff in the Office of the Ombuds are conflict management professionals who can help you address problems and conflicts that you are facing at BU. Learn more at

 Additional Information

Interpersonal Violence and Interpersonal Violence in the Workplace – information and links to resources provided by the BU Faculty & Staff Assistance Office

BU Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

BU’s Domestic Violence Related Leave Policy

Filing a Sexual Harassment Complaint