WARC Researchers’ Mini Seminars: “Journal/Petit Plongeon dans le Fleuve de l’Errance”

On Thursday, October 21, WARC affiliated researcher Jonathan Echeverri, gave a presentation on his research. Mr. Echeverri Zuluaga, a PhD candidate at the University of California, Davis, has been conducting research in Dakar for the last year.

ZuluagaThe topic of Mr. Zuluaga’s research is emigration.a Phd student from the University of California-Davis, is about to complete his dissertation on subject initially entitled “People ‘on-the-move’, Documents and the Governing of Movement in Dakar, Senegal” and now subtly turned into a rather poetic french title: “Journal / Petit Plongeon dans le Fleuve de l’Errance”.

After showing a short film on the issue of emigration, Jonathan unraveled the various steps and aspects of emigration covered in his dissertation. The approach was at the same time very innovative, original and scientifically well-grounded. The film centering around the newly erected Monument de la Renaissance (and the future it may promise to young Africans) and the fading and waning hopes and blighted dreams of emigrants temporarily (or forever) stranded in Dakar was a gem of a work of art which the Director of Warc amply analyzed along with the subtle modulations and variations on the word “errance”(wandering) during the discussion session.

The other aspects of Jonathan’s project were fielded by local experts in immigration and several immigrants temporarily established in Dakar and coming mostly from Anglophone West Africa attended the session which drew no less than 30 participants.

The presentation and the discussions that ensued were rare moments of intellectual uplifting.