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WARC is, first and foremost, a community of scholars whose interests and enthusiasm help shape the programs and priorities of the center. We encourage researchers to become officially affiliated with WARC and to take advantage of the services and scholarly resources of the center. WARC-affiliated scholars have preferential access to center facilities, including the WARC library and shared office space (as available), and may inquire about renting private office space. WARC provides assistance to affiliated researchers for such things as research clearances, locating housing, making professional contacts, and arranging in-country travel.

One of the services WARC offers to researchers in Senegal is assistance in securing research clearances. Research clearance for Senegal is issued by the Ministry of Higher Education & Research. This provides you with official permission to conduct your research in Senegal AND it requires that you agree to deposit with the Ministry copies of any articles, reports, books or other publications issuing from your research. We urge you all to submit your materials in a timely manner; failure to honor this commitment is a breach of contract and compromises our ability to support future researchers.

Application Process. Researchers may request institutional affiliation with WARC by completing the online application, which includes the following information:

  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Email address
  • Home Institution
  • Discipline
  • Name of advisor (if applicable)
  • Brief description of research project
  • Place of research
  • Proposed dates of research
  • CV/Resume
  • Recent photo

Affiliation Fees
Affiliation fees are assessed on a per-semester basis and can be paid online through WARA’s Network for Good page, by US dollar check, mailed directly to WARA. For those making their payment at WARC, please note that we accept payments only in CFA..

West African scholars/researchers ($50 US/25,000 CFA)
Researchers, faculty, and students who are who are based at or on the payroll of an African institution. This does NOT include US or European nationals who are on teaching programs (e.g., Fulbright) or sabbatical at West African universities.

Western/Northern scholars/researchers ($125 US/62,500 CFA)*
Researchers and students who are established at/affiliated with institutions based in the west/north (e.g., US or European universities, international organizations such as the UN). A West African national teaching at a US institution, for example, would fall into this category, as would a US citizen who is on a teaching Fulbright or sabbatical at a West African university.

*Current WARA members’ rate: $75 US/37,500 CFA)

Once your application has been processed (and accepted) and your affiliation fee received, an official letter of affiliation signed by the WARC Director will be sent to you in pdf format. An affiliation card will be issued upon arrival at WARC and after payment of the full affiliation fee, either to WARA or to WARC.

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