WARA/WARC – Black History Month: “African American Lives”

As part of the celebration of the Black History Month, the West African Research Center (WARC) teamed up with the Cultural Section of the US Embassy in Dakar to present the first part of the film series “African American Lives.” The event took place Tuesday, February 17, 2009 from 3pm to 5pm in the WARC conference room and was attended by 41 participants, including students, researchers and others.

In their introductory remarks, the Director of WARC and the Cultural Affairs Officer of the Embassy, Matthew Dever, explained how DNA was used in order to help members of the African Community retrace their roots back to Africa contrary to other human groups whose history was never thus curtailed and who did not need to resort to the breakthroughs of science to get back to their origins.

After the film, many participants intervened with comments and questions. The questions were ably fielded by a specialist of African American history, Dr Ibrahima Seck, Secretary General of the Association de Recherche Ouest Africaine (AROA); Mr. Dever, who showed his expertise in American and African letters; and the Director of WARC, himself a specialist in African American literature.

The audience expressed the strong desire to view the other films in the series and WARC agreed with the Embassy to show the other portions of the document sometime in late February-early March.