Senegalese Alumni Association donates clothes to flood victim population of Gounass

On January 8, 2011, the Senegalese Alumni Association, in collaboration with the Town Hall Gounass, distributed clothes to the inhabitants of that locality still living in floodwaters since 2005. In a crowded room, Senegalese_Alumni_Aid_GounassPresident Ousmane Sene talked about the mission statement of the association; which in part explains the reason why he and his fellow members offered their support to the population of Gounass.  On behalf of the whole Gounass population, the first deputy Mayor wholeheartedly thanked the association and its members for their humane action; this is a great relief for parents who, in spite of daily food problems, are seeking ways to buy clothes for their children. The association distributed one hundred fifty sets of clothes to children. Adults, showcasing their presents, posed in a group photo with the members of the association. This is a strong message to remind people that any assistance/help is more than welcome in this community.