Saharan Crossroads Fellowships

Saharan Crossroads Fellowship 

US, North African and West African Scholars interested in conducting research in any part of North or West Africa concerning Saharan Crossroads are encouraged to apply for short-term fellowships (up to three months) for awards up to 3,000 USD. US scholars flying from the United States will receive an additional travel stipend.

Priority is given to scholars conducting fieldwork in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia or anywhere in West Africa. Priority will also be given to scholars who have not received AIMS or WARA funding in the last two years. All Fellows are required to give a public lecture at an AIMS or WARC research center or other affiliated institution.  The competition is open to students, senior or independent scholars holding at least a Master’s Degree.

Saharan Crossroads Fellows 2015

Kendra Salois (Ethnomusicology, University of Maryland, College Park)
For research in Morocco and Senegal
Changing Perceptions of Africans and Africanity Amongst Casablancan Hip Hop Artists

Jamal Bahmad (Department of English, University of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah)
For research in Morocco
The Gnawa Festival of Khamlia: African Slave Blues, International Tourism and Cultural Translation in Southeastern Morocco

Saharan Crossroads Fellows 2014

Amanda Gilvin (Art History, Mount Holyoke College)
For research in Niger, Senegal, and Algeria
Saharan Visions: The Political Aesthetics of the Museum in Africa

Alioune Deme (Department of History, Universite Cheikh Anta Diop)
For research in  Senegal
Archaeological investigations of the relationship between the Sahara and the Middle Senegal valley during West Africa’s Late Prehistory: Promising data from Walaldé

Fathi Jarray (Departments of History and Archeology, University of Tunis)
For research in Morocco
La notion du temps et les procédés de sa mesure au Maroc d’après les cadrans solaires

Saharan Crossroads Fellows 2013

Isabella Alexander (Anthropology, Emory University)
For research in Morocco
‘Burning’ at the Maghrebi Border: Blackness and Belonging Among Morocco’s New Immigrant Class

Safa ben Saad (Comparative Law, Universite de Toulouse)
For research in Morocco and Senegal
Les origines africaines du droit au Maghreb

Afis Ayinde  Oladosu (Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Ibadan)
For research in Egypt
Sahara Crossings: Race, Nation and Imagination in African Literature


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