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Read on for more, including stories on this year’s theme, “East Meets West,” and reports from our grantees, spanning various disciplines from the humanities to the applied sciences.

2018 Issue (embedded)

The WARA Newsletter is published twice a year by the West African Research Association and is distributed to all current members of the association. The newsletter features news from the WARA headquarters and from the West African Research Center in Dakar, reports from our fellows, articles on research in the region, reviews, commentary, and announcements. Please note after the Spring 2015 version, we have transitioned to publishing an electronic format of the Newsletter.

WARA members are invited to submit reports on their research, book announcements, commentary, film and book reviews, and announcements for relevant conferences, fellowships, etc. This is a good opportunity to let people know what you are working on and to get announcements out to the WARA network of scholars.  Material for publication in upcoming newsletters should be submitted electronically to WARA by August 30 for the Fall edition, and February 1 for the Spring edition. Items that arrive after these due dates will be considered for the following edition of the newsletter. WARA has the right to reject items that do not comply with the goals and purposes of the organization and reserves the right to edit and/or modify any submissions for content, format or length. Opinions expressed in published articles, however, belong solely to the author(s).




As of 2015-2016, the WARA newsletter is an online publication, accessible below:

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