Alma Authors

Below are sample photos and brief biographies of some of the authors whose work is or will be included on the ALMA site.

Mme. Koniba Sanogo (Mali)

Mme. Sonogo is an experienced Malian educator who has been involved in the Bamanan language schools of Mali for decades. Her anthology of Bamanankan folktales, poems and riddles is to be included in the ALMA website.

Amadou Tamba Doumbia (Mali)

Amadou Tamba Doumbia is an academic who has been assigned to the University of Mali’s (Bamako) highest research institute, the CNRSH. He is a devoted scholar who works on the documentation of his first language, Bamanankan, and has written a number of publications in that language.

Ndane Seelenke Jallo (Guinea)

Ndane Seelenke Jallo is one of the principal leaders of a non-governmental organization known as AGUIPELLN: Association Guinéenne pour l’écriture et la lecture en langues nationals, that works on the promotion of Guinean language publishing, writing and reading. Individually he also works on Pulaar language literacy and publishing in Guinea (Conakry) and has one of his works on the ALMA website. He has a long experience in literacy work and is one of the editors of an important Pulaar language newspaper known as Dud’al.

Pulaar language newspaper known as Dud’al.

Dramane Traore (Mali)

Dramane Traore is a civil servant who has worked at Mali’s national literacy service for decades and has focused on his first language, Bamanankan. In addition to his civil service, Traore is the most prolific self-published author in an African language that the ALMA project has encountered in Africa. He has published over 100 titles in Bamanankan, many on his own and some with the support of non-governmental organizations. Two of his works are represented on the ALMA website. Interestingly, there has been such demand for some of his titles for adult education and training that they are now being offered to the public in translation into several other Malian languages as well.

Youssoufou Diallo (Mali)

Youssoufou Diallo is an activist who works in literacy, editing, and on representing and voicing the interests of rural populations in Mali. He is the founder and editor of a Bamanan language newspaper called Dibifara that is to be represented on the ALMA website.

Youssouf Haaidara (Mali)

Youssouf Haaidara returned to Mali in 1993 from Russia with a doctorate degree in linguistics and a thesis on the lexicography of his first language, Songhay. His dictionary and his collection of stories by Mahamane Tindirma that he edited are to be included in the ALMA website. Haidara was initially assigned to the adult literacy service upon his return but soon became involved in the experimental school program, introducing Malian languages as medium of instruction in the primary school system. He eventually became one of the principal actors and leaders in the 10-year PRODEC Educational Reform Project funded by The World Bank.

Salif Sogoba (Mali)

Salif Sogoba is an officer of a Malian non-governmental organization, CALAN, which is a group of dedicated Malians devoted to pursuing the advancement and the promotion of the use of Malian national languages in public forums in both oral and written form. The group has collectively edited and promoted various publications in Malian languages, including their Nsiirinw! Nsanaw! Ntenntenw! (2000. Bamako: Société Malienne d’Edition), a collection of tales, texts and riddles in Bamanankan that has been subscribed to the ALMA website.