A Woman in a Man’s World:
Ndeye Ndiaye Tyson, Wrestling Promoter, “Lion” of the Neighborhoods, and Champion of Gender Parity

On Saturday February 5, WARC held a trail blazing public lecture featuring as speaker the premier promoter of traditional wrestling in Senegal, Mme. Ndeye Ndiaye “Tyson”. An unusual position for a woman, Mme. Tyson Women in Man World 1has achieved de facto gender parity in a field reserved for men. Along with Mme. Tyson, the panel featured Professor Fatou Sow Sarr, a sociologist at IFAN-Universite Cheikh Anta Diop and Mmes. Maimouna Kane andMata Sy Diallo, former ministers in the Senegalese government. The panel was moderated by Dr. Alioune Sarr, the chairman of the Senegalese National Council for the Management of Traditional Wrestling (CNG).

The event, which was jointly organized by WARC and the Caucus of Senegalese Women Leaders for Gender Parity was covered Women in Man World 2by the local media and attended by over 250 people. The audience included such luminaries as Youssou Ndour, the internationally famous Senegalese musician, several former government ministers and prominent political leaders, and numerous figures from the world of Senegalese traditional wrestling. In addition to the panel presentations and lively discussion that followed, WARC was animated by the traditional drumming and singing that is typically part of the wrestling scene.